• Monarch Lofts

    Monarch Lofts

    Lawrence, MA

    Quiet Qurl® 65/075 N MT

    Quiet Qurl® Reinforcement RWT

    At Monarch Lofts, the developer was not only concerned with creating a sleek modern design and comfortable living, but also with reducing residents’ ecological footprints.

    Monarch Lofts was once the country’s largest worsted-wool mill, at a third of a mile long and twice as tall on its side as Boston’s John Hancock Tower.

    Quiet Qurl® 65/075 N MT installation

    Employing geothermal heating, energy and water efficiency, and sustainable development, Lawrence, Massachusetts’s largest apartment project sits among other transformed historic mills on the Merrimack River as a sustainable masterpiece.

    Set near downtown Lawrence, residents of Monarch have access to a commuter rail station, two major highways, art galleries, golf courses, and entertainment venues. The city’s canals, museums and parks are within walking distance, and Monarch is just a short drive from Boston and Cape Cod, as well as nearby mountains and beaches.

    Noise Control Solution: Quiet Qurl® 65/075 N MT

    The developer was consistent with this sustainable building mentality when it chose to utilize Keene Building Products’ Quiet Qurl® 65/075 N MT in the development of Monarch Lofts. The sound isolation mat is made from 40% recycled content. Sound isolation is particularly necessary in an open-loft layout, since there are fewer walls to keep sound from traveling between units.

    Quiet Qurl® 65/075 N MT is made from an entangled polymer matrix with a non-woven fabric; its role is to create airspace between ceiling assemblies so that touching components do not transmit noise vibrations as easily combining the muffling technology option with the added thickness of Quiet Qurl® 65/075 MC.

    Quiet Qurl® 65/075 N MT is made from an entangled polymer matrix with a non-woven fabric

    Monarch’s peaceful gardens, terraces, park and environmentally friendly construction show that the developer is committed to blurring the line between home and nature. The decision to utilize Quiet Qurl® 65/075 N MT from Keene Building Products was critical to maintaining Monarch Lofts atmosphere of natural harmony.

    Sounds good, doesn’t It?

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