Building Envelope Products

Moisture Drainage and Ventilation

Moisture and ventilation are essential to proper construction. KEENE Building Products has pioneered the use of entangled net products in walls, roofs and foundations to handle incidental moisture and create drying potential. These products work in walls, masonry buildings, foundation, and plaza applications. They work to increase moisture drainage, ventilation and isolation in every facet of commercial and residential construction.

Commercial & Single Family Residential

In recent years commercial and single family residential construction techniques have changed. Today, tightening the structures to prevent thermal leakage is a common practice. This can be attributed to the demand for energy efficiency. This change in the construction process has led to less air infiltration, which has contributed to moisture problems.

The Driwall™ products are designed to eliminate moisture and moisture vapor while increasing ventilation. Driwall™ products can be used on several different types of commercial exterior applications, such as stucco, EIFS or brick.