Proper ventilation and drainage are crucial for a healthy structure. Improper or insufficient ventilation of a roof and attic space can lead to a laundry list of potential issues. Ranging from failing to properly releasing built up heat, that can cause ice damming in northern climates and undue stress on HVCA systems in the south, to moisture buildup that can cause rot, mold, rust, and some undesirable consequences.

At Keene Building Products, we create spaces. From the need to provide proper drainage and ventilation under a cedar roof to venting the air from unconditioned attic space. KEENE provides the space that provides the solution. 

As building science continues to progress, the construction industry is producing more high efficiency structures. Keene Building Products is known as a leader in the development of the spaces needed to properly construct a modern durable structure. VIPER VENT is the latest example of this innovation at work.

Let KEENE help you with your roofing ventilation and drainage needs.