Thickness 0.75 Inches / 19 mm

Muffling Technology Provides Extra Thickness for Extra Performance in Rehab Construction

Quiet Qurl® 075 MT is a noise control insulation mat designed to limit impact noise between floors. A white liquid moisture-resistant fabric is laminated to the surface so that gypsum concrete and other materials can be placed to create a floating floor.

On the bottom side of the MT version, a highly compressible polyester fabric is bonded. The MT fabric has the ability to add 5 to 7 IIC points to a mat’s performance through diffusion of air pressure in the cavity.

The product is designed for retrofit of existing buildings in which a ceiling assembly is not utilized. In critical areas of new or retrofit construction, 075 MT will provide the highest level of noise performance available on the market in any entangled net product. 

Note: In all retrofit and loft conversion applications performance should be proven with on-site field tests. No floor/ceiling performance on prior projects can replicate performance on another specific project.



  • Retrofit applications of old buildings - especially historical tax credit apartments and future condominiums
  • Loft conversions
  • When a resilient ceiling is installed
  • With hard surfaces: concrete, stone, tile, vinyl and hardwood
  • With topping layers: gypsum concretes, lightweight concrete, mortar beds and plywood
  • When ceiling construction is not an option

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent performance at reducing sound in mid and high frequencies
  • Performance in wood frame construction and in concrete structures
  • Extra resiliency for greater sound absorption
  • Thick system, in which floor height is not an issue
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Zip-strip included for simple and fast installation

Case Studies


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