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Impact and Airborne Sound Control

KEENE Building Products manufactures and markets 3-dimensional “entangled net” products for noise control. These products work in construction projects such as multi-family apartments and condominiums to dramatically reduce impact and airborne noise transfer.

Vibrations travel through connections. By limiting direct connections (such as between the finished floor and the joist assembly) we can effectively disrupt the path for noise to pass through our floors and walls. Quiet Qurl is the perfect solution to this troublesome issue.

The Quiet Qurl® product line offers solutions in different thicknesses for code-driven performance needs. Quiet Qurl® systems are available from 0.125” to 0.75” with fabric options, including: moisture control (MC), muffling technology enhancement (MT), and fast track (FT). All products are designed for use with underlayments such as gypsum concrete and lightweight concrete.

Ceiling Acoustics

Ceiling isolation is as important to noise control as the floor isolation system. Unfortunately, the bottom side remains a weak link. Acousticians and architects design ceiling systems properly, but many problems occur during installation. RC Assurance™ and Space Assurance™ are cost-effective products that take the difficulty out of ceiling isolation.

Quiet Qurl® products provide you the solutions you need for impact and airborne sound control and ceiling acoustics system.

Noise control multi family

We listened.

Adequate noise control is in no longer just a pesky building code requirement, it is an AMENITY that today’s tenants CRAVE. Research suggests that tenants rank a quiet living space higher than other commonly thought of amenities such as space, security, and a gym. At KEENE, we intend to provide this to them.

Understanding this necessity, developers across the country have turned to our Quiet Qurl products to meet this need while still keeping an eye toward their budget. Again, we listened.

KEENE provides a “near-custom” line of noise control underlayments to meet every building’s needs efficiently. Quiet Qurl® products are available with traditional moisture control (MC) fabric, and with new enhancements: MT (Muffling Technology) and FT (Fast Track). Quiet Qurl® products have a range of thicknesses from 0.125 inch to 0.75 inch. Installed coast to coast and for some of the biggest names in apartment and condo development, Quiet Qurl® is the right product in noise attenuation.