Thickness 0.125 Inches / 3 mm

Reinforced Fabric Thins Underlayment Providing an Overall System Thickness of 0.75 - 1.0-Inch

Quiet Qurl® 013 RF is a noise control insulation mat designed to limit noise between floors. The product has a reinforced fabric and scrim, which are adhered together, in combination with the standard “entangled net” core material. 

Testing has shown that the addition of a combination reinforced scrim and fabric will enhance tensile strength up to 20%. The 95% void means that the finished floor will only have 5% contact with the subfloor, greatly limiting vibration. 

Quiet Qurl 013 RF is the first entanged net product to be used in a system with less than an inch of total thikness. The system is engineered for sound mat and a gypsum concrete pour between 0.75-Inch to 0.875-Inch.


  • Multi-family construction: apartments and condominiums
  • Thin-pour applications for less transition
  • When a resilient ceiling is installed
  • With gypsum concrete
  • For all hard surface applications in wood frame construction
  • Provides an overall system thickness of 0.75" to 1.0"

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent performance at reducing sound in mid and high frequencies
  • High recycled polymer content for LEED® credit
  • Insulation value through the 95% airspace it creates
  • Minimal deflection, and no creep or long-term degradation
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


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