• Here is a list of KEENE patented inventions in multi-family noise control:

    Moisture Control Fabric – KEENE “MC” enhancement
    MC fabric prevents liquid moisture from passing through when pourable underlayments are used.  The fabric suspends the gypsum or lightweight concrete while allowing the highest level of vapor flow through the assembly.  Enhancement is available on all QUIET QURL products

    Reinforcing Fiberglass Fabric – KEENE “RF”
    Fiberglass coated scrim and reinforcement fabric that enhances the tensile strength of the gypsum underlayments from fifteen to 20% and allows for thinner gypsum concrete thickness.  Enhancement is available on all QUIET QURL products.

    PERFORMANCE Enhancement with muffling technology – KEENE “MT”
    High loft fabric added to the bottom side of the sound mat and when loaded presses into the large filament “entangled net”.  Enhancement adds five to 7 points to the assembly performance by creating a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) chamber that vibration waves pass through.  Enhancement is available on all QUIET QURL products.

    Resilient Channel Clip – RC Assurance
    RC Assurance is a clip for preventing short-circuiting when installing resilient channels.  This patent pending product allows for the simple, cost effective use of resilient channels without the screw penetration issues and channel ride that commonly occurs.

    Limiting Flanking from Ceiling Detail – Space Assurance
    Space Assurance is a dense high loft fabric that isolates the ceiling with the proper spacing while eliminating caulk.  Space Assurance is the only UL approved wood frame system that does not include fire resistant caulk.


    Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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