Thickness 0.3125 Inches / 8 mm

Resilient Channel Clips for Single or Double Layer Gypsum Board Applications That Eliminates Short Circuits

RC Assurance™ is a steel clip designed to aid in the installation of resilient channels. The product acts as an impenetrable washer between the channel and joist. 

The snap-on clip works with any resilient channel, but is specifically designed for use with RC Deluxe from Dietrich. 



  • Multi-family construction: apartments and condominiums
  • Tested floor and wall assemblies
  • Designed for the most popular channels
  • Single- or double- layer gypsum board applications
  • Over 27 approved UL listings
  • With every joist type: metal, open-web, “I” joist design, and nominal 2” lumber

Features and Benefits

  • Enables resilient channel to be installed correctly
  • With the correct installation, resilient channel can perform at levels equal to more expensive isolator clip assemblies
  • UL-listed and approved
  • Cannot be penetrated
  • Push-down flange that prevents channel “ride”
  • Intersection of the channel and joist is protected from short-circuiting
  • Ease in installation; snap-on design
  • No laser alignment like isolator clips

Case Studies


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