Thickness 0.25 Inches / 6 mm

Ceiling/Wall Gap Spacer for Eliminating Flanking Paths

Space Assurance™ is a flexible, flame-resistant polyester fabric used as a fastener line, ensuring the proper detail between the wall and ceiling. Space Assurance™ eliminates a common path for noise flanking in multi-family construction. 

Flanking noise is often caused by improper detailing of the gypsum wall and ceiling. The proper detail is to leave a 0.125” space and then caulk the joint. This installation detail is difficult to install and difficult to ensure.



  • Multi-family construction: apartments and condominiums
  • Wood frame construction or metal frame construction
  • Gypsum board ceilings and walls
  • Around every wall in wood and metal construction
  • With one or two layers of gypsum board ceiling or wall

Features and Benefits

  • Proactively creates space between gypsum ceiling and walls
  • Eliminates caulking
  • Simple to inspect for proper spacing
  • Eliminates flanking paths for noise
  • Quick installation that saves time and money
  • Only UL-listed joint assembly with a gap

Case Studies


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