• Ceiling isolation is as important to noise control as the floor isolation system. However, the bottom side remains a weak link. Acousticians and architects design ceiling systems properly but many problems occur in the field.

    Common Installation Problems:
    1.    Short-circuiting of resilient channels
    2.    Resilient flange “riding” the structural joists
    3.    Gypsum wallboard in contact with structural walls
    4.    Gypsum wallboard in contact with gypsum ceilings
    5.    Resilient channels in contact with structural walls

    The ACOUSTICAL ASSURANCE product line addresses all of the common installation problems above. RC Assurance and SPACE Assurance are cost effective products that take the difficulty out of ceiling isolation. RC Assurance positions the resilient channel properly and prevents short-circuiting. SPACE Assurance proactively creates the space required around the perimeter of the ceiling/wall interface while eliminating the need for caulk.

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