• This is a short article about the continued evolution of soundproofing in construction. It touches on wall and floor/ceiling acoustical treatments such as the use of resilient channels and floor underlayments.

    Keene offers a clip product used with resilient channels called RC Assurance to help reduce sound waves from traveling through the ceiling or walls. RC Assurance just clips right on the resilient channel, which makes for easy installation and it’s cost effective compared to other clips and hat channels.

    Space Assurance is another product from Keene that can help seal penetrations so noise does not travel through.

    In recent years underlayment has become more important in construction because everyone wants wood and tile flooring installed instead of carpet. For underlayments, Keene offers a recycled rubber mat called QQ Step Soft.


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    Soundproofing’s Speedy Evolution

    By: Eric Peters

    Walls & Ceilings

    March 17, 2011


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