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    Capitol West

    Madison, WI

    QQ Step Soft™ 8mm

    RC Assurance™

    Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Capitol West is “the art of downtown living.” A diverse mixed-use neighborhood of luxury was developed just blocks from Madison’s Capitol square. Capitol West consists of approximately 400 townhomes, condominiums, lofts and penthouses, along with neighborhood services, shopping, green space, and covered, convenient parking. Capitol West has four unique communities ranging in price. The Capitol Court Townhomes and Washington Rowhouses are made up of natural light, spectacular views, gardens and rooftop terraces. Looking for more square footage, the West Washington Condominium Tower has eleven floors of magnificence. This modern steel structure expresses natural light through glass and natural air through balconies. Need a more open floor plan? Broom Street Lofts offers the perfect urban open loft-style of living. Each of these vibrate communities adds its special style to making you feel at home. Capitol West has developed a modern-day downtown standard of living.

    With this standard of living Capitol West includes energy efficient appliances, finishes such as elegant stone floors or wood floors: cherry, natural maple, white oak and walnut wood floors from certified forests. Other choices in finishes include laminate or oak cabinetry, solid surface or granite countertops and contemporary glass, metal tile, porcelain tile and/or stone accents. Options are endless when it comes to appearance.

    However, Luxury is not only about what you see, it is also about what you hear! If you dig deeper, past all the finishing touches and look within the structure for products of luxury you will find Keene Building Products QQ Step Soft and RC Assurance. These two products help create a community of comfort living by providing a NOISE FREE environment. Luxury is about hearing what you want to hear. Not hearing your neighbors above walking across a hard floor or music from next door.

    Keene is helping you feel at home with noise free living. Sounds good doesn’t it?

    QQ Step Soft 08/035 being installed

    Noise Control Solution: QQ Step Soft 08/035

    QQ Step Soft 08/035 (8mm recycled rubber) is a sound deadening product designed for use with an overall Quiet Qurl® system where hard surface flooring will be used. It is the perfect product to recommend as a means to suppress cracks in tile applications while controlling impact noise, especially at the high frequencies. The recycled rubber mat is an excellent way to earn LEED credits since its composition is 100% recycled rubber. This strong, resilient material provides the stiffness for tile directly set on top while creating the spring effect to control vibration noise. The durometer is set at 35 to perfectly match with these criteria in mind. QQ Step Soft ranges in thickness from 1mm to 8mm.

    When QQ Step Soft 08/035 tested under ceramic tile it provided an FIIC of 62 and when it was tested under engineered wood it provided an FIIC of 67. Both test areas had a suspended ceiling.

    Noise Control Solution: RC Assurance Clip for Resilient Channels

    RC Assurance is a clip designed for resilient channels. The product acts as an impenetrable washer that puts extra space between the channel and the joist. The snap on clip works with any resilient channel but is specifically designed for use with RC Deluxe.

    Developed a number of decades ago, resilient channels are a staple in the multi-family industry. There are some issues with Resilient Channel installation. The typical design and UL assembly call for a fastener of 1.0”. The typical installation utilizes a 1.25” or 1.5” fastener, mostly to aid in the “GRAB” of the screw to the channel. This minor modification assures that 15% of the connections will be compromised and that the performance of the system will short-circuit the low frequency transmission effectiveness of the system. Now that lab tested 52 becomes a field 42. The resilient channel needs another 0.375” to assure that connections are limited between the gypsum board and the joist assembly. RC Assurance™ provides that space and the added safety of a hardened steel plate.

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