• “PRICE TAGS DON’T LIE: From New York to London, San Francisco to Kansas City, when it comes to apartments, there are few dwellings sexier than a converted warehouse loft. Rents in rehabbed industrial buildings keep neighborhoods like SoHo in New York, which was revitalized as its plentiful warehouses were adapted in residences and commercial spaces, among the most expensive in the world. In New Orleans, rents in the Warehouse District are, on average, the most expensive in the city. Converted Industrial structures serve as poster children for the economic power of historic preservation. They have the original details, the authentic feel, and the palpable history that tenants crave, and they never seem to go out of style…”

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    Artful Adaptation Preservation

    By: Danielle Del Sol

    September 2013

    Link to Article, Starts on Page 22: http://www.prcno.org/programs/preservationinprint/piparchives/2013%20PIP/September%202013/0.html


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