• Keene’s Quiet Qurl® Perimeter Isolation product is used as an adhesive foam along the perimeter of a room. This accessory product is to be used with Keene’s Quiet Qurl® sound control system to fill a void space so that airborne sound cannot travel from floor to wall.

    Quiet Qurl® Perimeter Isolation is 0.125 inches (3.0 mm) thick and 4.0 inches (10 cm) in width. One side is a sticky polyethylene film, which allows for easy installation along the perimeters.


    Benefits and Applications:

    • It is lightweight, easy to install and cut.
    • Use with hard surfaces: concrete, stone, tile and vinyl
    • Use with structural layers, such as gypsum concrete, lightweight concrete and mortar beds
    • For applications in which sound system is between 0.25” to 4.0” in depth

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