4 Versions Available


QQ Perimeter Isolation 125-S 2.0 Part # 01-X-0072
QQ Perimeter Isolation 125-S 3.0 Part # 01-X-0073
QQ Perimeter Isolation 125-S 3.5 H Part # 01-X-0074
QQ Perimeter Isolation 025 X 3" Part #: 01-X-0108

Isolation for Transition Walls for All Quiet Qurl Applications

Quiet Qurl Perimeter Isolation is an accessory to the Quiet Qurl noise control insulation mat designed to limit flanking sound. It is used to seam from wall to floor in a simpler manner, often without taping. Flanking paths from the floor to the wall are limited by this simple material. The void space is filled so that airborne sound cannot flank either.

We offer 4 versions of Quiet Qurl Perimeter Isolation: 

  1. Quiet Qurl® Perimeter Isolation 025, non-sticky
  2. Quiet Qurl® Perimeter Isolation with Quik Stick 2", Sticky
  3. Quiet Qurl® Perimeter Isolation with Quik Stick 3", Sticky
  4. Quiet Qurl® Perimeter Isolation with Quik Stick 3.5", Sticky and has EASY-FOLD



  • Must be used with all Quiet Qurl installations
  • Multi-family construction: apartments and condominiums
  • When a resilient ceiling is installed
  • With hard surfaces: concrete, stone, tile and vinyl
  • With structural layers, such as gypsum concrete, lightweight concrete, and mortar beds
  • With many types of subfloors and still achieves an IIC level of 50 or greater (consult actual tests for assembly details)


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