• KEENE BUILDING PRODUCTS introduced QUIET QURL 52/013 RF as the first and only low profile entangled net product.  

    The 0.125” (3mm) sound control mat is designed for use in gypsum concrete applications of 0.75” making the overall sound system thickness less than an inch and dramatically changing the economics for apartment construction.  The economics are dramatically less since most apartments use sound mat in only kitchens and baths and the remaining areas is poured with only gypsum concrete.  In order to minimize transitions in underlayment depth, some developers would utilize gypsum concrete at a 1.25” depth in the carpeted areas and 1.0” in the hard surfaces.  Now with the introduction of QUIET QURL 52/013 RF, that pour thickness can be maintained at 0.75” through out the entire structure saving tens of thousands of dollars.

    Performance of this new product was tested acoustically at Intertek and found to be within one point of typical quarter inch mat. Additionally, code compliant performance was achieved even with ceramic tile in typical L521 type construction with 16” open web joists.  Structural performance was shown to be equal to standard 1.0” gypsum concrete and QUIET QURL applications through the ASTM C627 standard commonly referred to as the Robinson Wheel Test.

    In a concrete on concrete application in Pittsburgh, QUIET QURL 52/013 RF was used to provide code compliance in a condominium project.  The concrete subfloor without a ceiling assembly was topped with another 3.0” of concrete and QUIET QURL was used to control impact noise.  This successful installation allowed the general contractor to provide a level floor with an estimated code complaint system.

    The same product was used by Subfloor Systems in Texas when a wood frame apartment complex was significantly out of level.  The wood sloped toward the center of the building and was out of square by almost an inch and a half.  In order to make things work correctly, QUIET QURL 52/013 RF became the sound mat of choice around the perimeter of the building with standard QUIET QURL 55/025 MC in the center.  Out of level wood frame assemblies can be quite problematic and this novel approach was a great solution for the developer.  “We had little choice but to thin down the underlayment around the perimeter of the rooms since the floors were so out of level” commented JD Connors from Subfloor Systems.  “In order to make the floors work we needed a thinner mat at the edge along with less gypsum concrete.”

    The RF version of QUIET QURL utilizes a patent pending fiberglass fabric and scrim to add tensile strength to the underlayment. This is a similar methodology to how thin cementitious applications incorporate fiberglass to enhance strength.  Tests have shown as much as a 15% increase in tensile by utilizing a fiberglass scrim as opposed to no scrim.

    Sounds Good doesn’t it?

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