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  • Noise Control Mat: Quiet Qurl 52/013 RF

    Quiet Qurl® 52 013 RF is a nominal 0.125 inch, random filament, corrugated, “U” Groove core sound control mat designed to limit impact noise. It is made with a coated fiberglass scrim and fabric

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  • KBP Quiet Qurl 52/013 RF makes Debut in Pittsburgh and Texas

    KEENE BUILDING PRODUCTS introduced QUIET QURL 52/013 RF as the first and only low profile entangled net product.   The 0.125” (3mm) sound control mat is designed for use in gypsum concrete

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  • Quiet Qurl RR for Radiant Tubing Applications

    Keene Building Products has a new product called Quiet Qurl® Radiant Reinforcement 025 MC.  It is a sound control mat used to reinforce gypsum concrete and many types of concrete in radiant tubing

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