• The Jefferson (Ewing, New Jersey)

    Space Assurance

    The Jefferson condominiums are situated in the peaceful Trenton suburb of Ewing, N.J., minutes from the state capital itself and a short drive from Princeton and Philadelphia. Its central location gives residents easy access to several major highways, the Philadelphia airport, and a plethora of attractions, including aquariums, parks, art galleries, museums, and all of the shopping, dining and cultural options that the college town of Princeton has to offer.

    The condominiums consist of ten 3-story, colonial-style townhouses. These buildings make up their very own community, complete with a lighted tree-lined parkway, bocceball court, playground, and 3,500-square-foot clubhouse. The developer hopes to bring a young, active crowd to the area with the clubhouse’s extensive list of amenities, including an outdoor pool, fitness room, game room, office, conference room, library/card room, and kitchen.

    The Jefferson has three stylish and spacious unit layouts available, each with two bedrooms and bathrooms, an expansive living and dining room area, a balcony, and a laundry room. Residents will find unmatched value in such an affordable, yet spacious and beautifully-furnished home. 

     J. Stevens and Associates Architects and Planners says that the company’s primary design objective for the Jefferson was to make each unit feel like a single-family home, utilizing 9-foot ceilings, larger windows, and other tricks to create this effect.

    As any builder knows, another crucial key to achieving the single-family effect in a multi-family residence is noise isolation. American Properties’ reputation for quality craftsmanship is justified with their detailed inclusion of soundproofing materials, including Keene Building Products’ Space Assurance™. This product was critical in order to maintain the Jefferson’s cozy, single-family appeal.

    Space Assurance™ is a flexible, flame-resistant polyester fabric used as a fastener line between the wall and ceiling to eliminate a common path for noise flanking. Its effectiveness as a noise-isolating barrier, as well as its quick and easy installation makes it the perfect addition to the Jefferson, which prides itself on its tranquil suburban location.

    Space Assurance™ ensures the proper detail in the Jefferson’s wall-ceiling construction, preventing noise from entering adjacent units. Especially with a younger crowd, it is the essential final element needed to provide the ultimate in soundproof multi-family construction.

    The Jefferson offers every amenity imaginable, while providing a great unit design, a safe and convenient location, and affordable prices. Most importantly, its community atmosphere outside is perfectly matched with the quiet home environment within.

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