• Last week I talked about a new product called Quiet Qurl MT that was installed at Camden Commons. Here is more information about the different versions of the Quiet Qurl MT products.

    Quiet Qurl 55/025 MC MT
    Thickness: 0.25 in./6.0 mm.
    Length: 50 ft. - Length
    Area: 200 sq. ft
    Packaging: 22x22x48 in.
    Roll Weight: 29 lbs.

    Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT
    Thickness: 0.375 in./9.0 mm.
    Length: 50 ft. - Length
    Area: 200 sq. ft
    Packaging: 24x24x48 in.
    Roll Weight: 48 lbs.

    Quiet Qurl 65/075 N MT
    Thickness: 0.75 in./19.0 mm.
    Length: 25 ft. - Length
    Area: 100 sq. ft
    Packaging: 23x23x48 in.
    Roll Weight: 29 lbs.

    •    The MT addition will create an additional 5 IIC points for the assembly verse standard version. In laboratory tests, QQ 55/025 MC MT reduces 5 to 7 dB from 125 Hz to 2500 Hz.

    •    Excellent performance at reducing sound in low & high frequencies.

    •    Performance in wood frame construction and in concrete structures.

    •    Minimal deflection and no creep or long term degradation.

    •    Quiet Qurl® is a CLASS A fire rated product and passes a Robinson Wheel Test with 1.25 inch (2.54 cm) of gypsum concrete with a Light Commercial Rating.

    Applications include:
    •    Multi-Family Construction: apartments & condominiums.
    •    Radiant heated flooring when pumped with light weight concrete or gypsum.
    •    With hard surfaces: concrete, stone, tile, vinyl & hardwood.

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