• RC Assurance™ is a steel clip designed to aide installation of resilient channels. The product acts as an impenetrable washer between the channel and the joist. The snap on clip works with any resilient channel but is specifically designed for use with RC Deluxe from Dietrich.

    Developed a number of decades ago, resilient channels are a staple in the multi-family industry. However, there are several issues when installing Resilient Channels. The typical design and UL assembly call for a fastener of 1.0”. The typical field installation utilizes a 1.25” or 1.5” fastener to aid in the “GRAB” of the screw to the channel. This results in as much as 15% of the connections will be short-circuited and the performance of the system compromised. Now that lab tested 52 becomes a field 42. The resilient channel needs another 0.375” to assure that connections are limited between the gypsum board and the joist assembly.

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