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    Driwall Mortar Deflection products are used at the base of the wall and where flashing is installed to keep the airspace clear of mortar and debris.

    Driwall Mortar Deflection will allow the weep holes to stay open and drain properly. It is does not absorb water, and helps prevent mold.

    Driwall Mortar Deflection Products come in three thicknesses:

    Driwall Mortar Deflection 0.5-040 – 0.375 inches / 9 mm

    Driwall Mortar Deflection 1.0-075 – 0.80 inches / 20 mm

    Driwall Mortar Deflection 2.0-160 – 1.60 inches / 41 mm



    • Commercial and residential masonry cavity walls
    • Stone cavity walls



    • Prevents callbacks from moisture problems
    • Cavity drainage and protection of flashing in one product
    • Guaranteed to stop moisture from clogging weep holes when properly installed
    • Will not grow mold; prevents fungus and mildew



    Driwall Mortar Deflection Products can be installed by simply placing a continuous strip in the cavity at all flashing locations. Place horizontally on top of the flashing to ensure that the mortar droppings are broken up and deflected away from the weep holes. Mechanical attachment is not required.

    MD 2 inch with brick

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