Thickness 1.60 Inches / 41 mm

Commercial Masonry Drainage System, The KeystoneCut

Driwall™ Mortar Deflection is a masonry drainage device designed to catch and hold mortar droppings. Driwall™ Mortar Deflection 2.0-160 is placed in a strip horizontally in a 2.0-inch (5.0-cm) cavity wall.


  • Commercial and residential masonry cavity walls 2.0-inches thick
  • Commercial and residential masonry cavity walls greater than 2.0-inches with additional insulation
  • Stone cavity walls

Features and Benefits

  • Cavity drainage and protection of flashing in one product
  • Guaranteed to stop moisture from clogging weep holes when properly installed
  • Simple installation with no mechanical fasteners required
  • WILL NOT GROW MOLD; prevents fungus and mildew
  • Unlike nylon (polyamide), it absorbs NO MOISTURE
  • Polymer core is resistant to most known corrosive chemicals, including solvents
  • Perfect width to suspend mortar droppings above weep holes, but below the flashing connection to the interior wall


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