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    "One-Stop-Shop;" This saying might be the most cliche and overused marketing description in almost every aspect of commerce. A company collects a large basket of goods to provide additional value and convenience to hopefully attract more customers to them.

    At times, it seems silly—why would you need milk and a tire change at the same time?!? 


    However, in construction bundling products and services certainly can add value to designers, builders, and contractors. At Keene, we have worked with our partners to develop these packages to best serve our most often used market, Multifamily construction.  


    Acoustics and Moisture Management are the two things we know well. You might be asking: “how do those relate? Why would I want these two seemingly very different things from a “one-stop-shop”? What you might not be aware of is that in the Southern States have the responsibility of the same sub-contractor to provide both items as it relates to the Gypsum Concrete/Sound Mat System and Balcony and Breezeway Waterproofing.  


    Hopefully, if you are receiving this message you are aware of our Quiet Qurl Sound Mats and our GSL Gypsum Concrete products. Did you know that we also have a full line of balcony and breezeway waterproofing products?  


    Here is a list of the products that are part of this application process: 

    Driwall Membrane 60 mil 

    • A self-adhering flashing and waterproofing membrane to above and below grade applications 
    • Impermeable to air, moisture vapor, and water 
    • Excellent adhesion to plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), concrete, metal, and like materials 




    Driwall Membrane Adhesive 

    • A Fast-drying solvent release adhesive
    • Formulated to have outstanding performance with all Keene Driwall Membrane products.




    Keeneseal 100 

    • One component, fast grab, multipurpose silyl-terminated polyether (hybrid) elastomeric sealant 
    • Flexible and durable, will not shrink or crack 



    Driwall PCD 

    • A Prefabricated Composite Drian with a “zig-zag” geometric patterned cone 
    • Eliminates hydrostatic pressure behind foundation walls, retaining walls, planters, plaza decks, and balconies 
    • Lightweight and easy to handle 


    All these products have been successfully installed on millions of square feet. They are proven, backed by a warranty for your peace of mind, and come with the level of service and quality that you expect from Keene.  

    Contact Keene for all of your acoustic and waterproofing needs! 

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