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  • How to Avoid Mold, Rotting & Rust

    How to Avoid Mold, Rotting & Rust

    Proper ventilation and drainage are crucial for a healthy structure. Improper or insufficient ventilation of a roof and attic space can lead to a laundry list of potential issues, including: 

    • Failure to properly release built up heat, which can cause ice damming in northern climates and undue stress on HVAC systems in the south  
    • Moisture buildup that can cause rot, mold, rust, and more undesirable consequences 
  • One-Stop-Shop | Acoustics & Waterproofing

    One-Stop-Shop | Acoustics & Waterproofing

    One-Stop-Shop; this saying might be the most cliche and overused marketing description in almost every aspect of commerce. A company collects a large basket of goods to provide additional value and convenience to hopefully attract more customers to them. At times it seems silly, why would you need milk and a tire change at the same time?!? 

    However, in construction bundling products and services certainly can add value to designers, builders, and contractors. At Keene, we have worked with our partners to develop these packages to best serve our most often used market, Multifamily construction.  

    Acoustics and Moisture Management are the two things we know well. You might be asking: “how do those relate? 

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