• The Dri Guy BLOG 01 August 2013 IMAGEKeene Building Products’, N-VIRE Mat products are ventilation mats that help support green roof vegetation. N-VIRE Mat’s non-woven geotextile filter fabric holds soil or growing media away from the roof deck and the core. The airspace it creates helps allow for proper ventilation, promoting optimal growing conditions.


    N-VIRE Mat 075N-1 – 0.75 inches / 19 mm
    N-VIRE Mat 160N – 1.60 inches / 41 mm


    • Root reinforcement for transportation of extensive roofing plants
    • Root barrier to control migration into natural soils
    • Ventilation of roof vegetation applications
    • Drainage below green roof applications

    Features and Benefits:

    • Nylon core for flexibility and compressibility
    • High flow rate – in excess of 10 gallons per minute
    • Fire resistant – Class A fire-rated product
    • Promotes optimal growing conditions