Thickness 0.75 Inches / 19 mm

A Ventilation Mat for Green Roof Vegetation

N-VIRE™ Mat 075N-1 is a 0.75-inch, cuspated geometric patterned core, ventilation mat designed to promote green roof vegetation.


  • Ventilation of roof vegetation applications
  • Drainage below green roof applications
  • Natural soil separation from growing medium in green roof vegetation
  • Root reinforcement for transportation of extensive roofing plants
  • Root barrier to control migration into natural soils

Features and Benefits

  • Nylon core for flexibility and compressibility
  • High flow rate – in excess of 10 gallons per minute
  • Fire resistant – Class A fire rated product for roofing
  • Carbon black added for UV stability
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Creates proper ventilation
  • Promotes optimal growing conditions


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