• Student Housing in Atlanta, GA

    When asked to describe “college housing,” no shortage of adjectives flood the mind. Loud, noisy, messy, hot, humid, old to name a few.


    So when hired to design a new apartment complex for university students in the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta, GA, there were three very important aspects that the developer wanted to incorporate into the building: well-constructed floors, a quiet living environment, and a waterproofed balcony.


    To achieve this, the developer turned to Dependable, LLC’s GSL K2.6 for the flooring and Keene Building Products’ Quiet Qurl 025 to significantly reduce noise.


    Testing has shown that the addition of a combination reinforced scrim and fabric will enhance tensile strength up to 20%. The 95% void means that the finished floor will only have 5% contact with the subfloor, greatly limiting vibration, which means limited noise!


    To further attract student residents, the complex is located across from the university’s football stadium, giving residents a clear balcony-view of each game. However, with Atlanta averaging nearly 58 inches of rainfall per year, the need for weatherproofing materials was pertinent. Again, the developer found the solution to their problem with Keene Building Products' 

    Driwall Membrane - 60 Mil. 


    Thanks to the use of Keene and Dependable products, residents’ biggest concern will be having enough snacks before game time.



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