• Spring Condominiums

    Spring Condominiums

    Austin, TX

    QQ Step Soft™ 5mm

    Located in the Market District in downtown Austin, Texas, Spring Condominiums rediscovers luxurious living using all of our five senses.


    Spring Condominiums 42-story tower (with about 232 suites) is not only an architectural delight, but provides amazing views of downtown Austin and Lady Bird Lake from every window. Deluxe panoramic views you can’t miss from windows that are floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Downtown Austin has never looked so beautiful.


    Spring Condominiums high-rise living offers a multi-sensory experience. Imagine you live on the 38th floor and you step out onto your balcony, take a deep breath and exhale. The smell of fresh air and the feel of warmth from the sun awaken your body. Now imagine, in the distance you see lightning crash and you take another deep breath and smell the rains closeness. Luxury high-rise living never smelled so fresh.


    Spring Condominiums is steps away from delicious meals whether you are creating a home cooked meal from the fresh market of Whole Foods or interested in some of Austin’s favorite restaurants: Café Josie, Frank & Angie’s Pizzeria, Hut’s Hamburgers, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, and Hoffbrau Steak. Looking for something sweet? Amy’s Ice Cream and Sweetish Hill Bakery can fill your sweetest desire. Austin gives you the bite you crave!


    Spring Condominiums amenities include many surfaces that are not only visual textures, but also smooth, soft, and wet at the touch. Inside your suite you can feel the silkiness of stainless steal, the smoothness of granite countertops, and the warmth of your bare feet walking across the hardwood floors in your living area. Feeling like you want more? Step outside your suite and head up to the rooftop for a dip in the rooftop pool. Feel the surfaces transform Spring Condominiums into luxury.


    At Spring Condominiums luxury is not only about what you see, smell, taste and touch; it is also about what you hear or what you don’t hear!

    QQ Step Soft™ installation at Spring Condominiums

    Noise Control Solution: QQ Step Soft™

    If you dig deeper, past all the finishing touches you will find Keene Building Products QQ Step Soft™ under all the hardwood floors in all the living areas and under all the tiles in all the bathrooms. This 100% recycled rubber mat is used to control impact noise through a Mass-Spring-Mass assembly. With QQ Step Soft™, the mass of the finished flooring is the top side mass & the gypsum concrete is the bottom side mass. QQ Step Soft™ is the “spring” in the middle of the two. The softness of the QQ Step Soft™ is engineered to provide the highest noise absorption while providing a solid surface for the hardwood flooring above.

    This high frequency noise dampener works from 1000 Hz and up to soften the impact noise of footfall in systems where there is already ample airborne noise control and no additional mass is required to achieve the Sound Transmission Classification ASTM standard required under the new International Building Code.QQ Step Soft™ can provide code compliant numbers when used in conjunction with a 6-inch concrete slab in a typical application.

    Recycled rubber mat

    The recycled rubber mat is an excellent way to earn LEED credits!

    QQ Step Soft™ helps create a community of comfort living by providing a NOISE FREE environment. Luxury is about hearing what you want to hear or don’t want to hear.

    Sounds good doesn’t it?

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