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    Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1

    Outside of New York City, in the town of Ossining, NY, a new residential home was getting the final touches of its exterior veneer. Homeowners have many different criteria for their new home. Two of which, include it to be energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. These two aspects are major factors to be considered for new homeowners. However, these two important factors may play against one another.

    A part of the exterior veneer was to include manufactured stone. While the stone would satisfy one of the criteria for a new home for it to be aesthetically pleasing, a concern did arise. The mason had questions, and concerns about the drainage, and ventilation for the exterior veneer. With the high energy efficient homes now being built, one of the biggest questions is how to properly drain, and potentially more importantly, ventilate your exterior veneer. With the building envelope so tight to prevent thermal leakage, the exterior veneers are getting wet with not the same ability to dry as they have in the past. This directly correlates to having a moisture problem. The mason was right to bring up these concerns about how to drain, and ventilate the veneer to the homeowner.

    Ossining, NY  Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1

    Moisture Protection Solution: Driwall Rainscreen 020-1

    In order to alleviate any concerns with moisture problems, Driwall Rainscreen 020-1 was installed. This quarter-inch drainage and ventilation mat was installed between the weather-resistive barrier, and the wire lath. Driwall Rainscreen will provide an airspace for any incidental moisture penetration that gets behind the stone, which will happen due to settling of the home, wind driven rain, etc., to drain to the exterior. Also, Driwall Rainscreen will provide ventilation. When the stone gets wet, it will have the capacity to properly dry. Draining, and drying are two extremely important aspects for the proper life span of manufactured stone, and Driwall Rainscreen provides that in one product.

    Some building codes require two layers of grade D building paper. The first layer would be considered sacrificial to prevent the second layer from coming in contact with the surfactants in the mortar. Stone applications where mortar is used can see the problem of having it penetrate the wire lath, and attach to the building paper. The mortar will get wet, stay wet, and damage the building paper. Driwall Rainscreen is equipped with a filter-fabric to prevent any mortar for filling the quarter-inch cavity. Also, building codes require weep screeds that allow water to migrate down to the exterior, and away from the wall. By using Driwall Raincreen in conjunction with Driwall Weep Screed, you are assuring the moisture leaves the wall.

    DRIWALL™ Products – the right way to stay Dry!

    By including Driwall Rainscreen into this new home, the mason ensured that the manufactured stone can properly drain, and ventilate. The new home can now fulfill those two important factors. It will look good, while being energy efficient with no concerns for moisture issues.

    DRIWALL™ Products – the right way to stay Dry!

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