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    The cedar shingle roof of a residence in Bath, OH was deteriorating due to a buildup of moisture in the wood. The roof was only ten years old, yet the extensive moisture damage was irreversible. The shingles were severely rotted to the point where many actually disintegrated when the contractor attempted to remove them. Some pieces even had moss growing on them. While wood roofs can last over thirty years, this roof had a fatal flaw. Without a means for drainage and ventilation, there was no way for the wood to dry. The cedar shingles were installed directly on top of a vapor barrier with no way for moisture to escape. Moisture built up in the wood and became trapped between the shingles and the vapor barrier, leading to rot, mold, and even the growth of moss.

    Keene’s Driwall™ CDR Vent

    Moisture Protection Solution: CDR Vent

    When the new roof was installed, the contractor used Keene’s CDR Vent to prevent such moisture issues from occurring. CDR Vent is an entangled net drainage mat that spaces the cedar shingles from the sheathing to allow for proper drainage and ventilation of the roof system. The 0.30 inch thick polymer mesh comes in lightweight, easy to handle roll for simple installation. CDR Vent provides the open airspace necessary for eliminating moisture and moisture vapor. The result is a dry, healthy cedar shingle roof that will last for many years to come.

    Contractor installing Keene’s Driwall™ CDR Vent

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