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    Pittsburgh, PA

    Quiet Qurl® 60/040 MC MTQuiet Qurl® RWT 040


    At Keene Building Products we have the solution and the know how to quiet and level your oors effectively. With Keene Building Products’ Quiet Qurl noise control underlayment and the expertise of our vast network of applicators we know how to get the job done. 

    For example, take a recent project just completed in Pittsburg PA. The developer had quite the issue with their 6-story warehouse conversion project. Not only were the oors woefully inadequate as it pertains to oor-ceiling acoustics, but they were wildly out of level. With areas more than 14-inches out of level they turned to a unique, but effective assembly to get the job done. 

    First, the developer went with a high performance acoustical underlayment provided by Keene Building Products. The sound mat of choice was the Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT. At 3/8” in thickness and equipped with Keene’s Muffing Technology acoustical enhancing fabric the Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT is typically seen as one of the highest performing entangled net sound mats in the market place. The product was loose laid over the existing substrate with the blue Moisture Control (MC) fabric facing up.

    Next to help alleviate the building from the overwhelming weight of a very thick concrete poured, the contractor used layers of rigid insulation to help the leveling process. Loose laid over the Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT the layers of rigid insulation do not adversely effect the performance of the oor/ceiling assembly and help mitigate the amount of weight put into the building which dates back to the early 1900’s. 

    Now many would ask themselves; Is cracking a concern? Not with KEENE’s Quiet Qurl RWT 040 product! The Quiet Qurl RWT 040 is a product speci cally used to help reinforce a concrete slab. After being rolled out, fabric side down and lament side up, the contractor would then pour their concrete into the exposed plastic mesh. Once the concrete has settled and hardened around the Quiet Qurl RWT 040 the plastic is embedded into the slab creating a “rebar-like” effect. 

    All that was left to do is to pour! Our applicator used a single layer of a gypsum concrete product to encapsulate it all. The gypsum concrete not only acts as a leveling agent, but also provides the mass needed to help limit the amount of airborne noise that is able to pass through.

    These are the projects we love at Keene Building Products. Combining the know how of our highly experienced applicators along with our innovative Quiet Qurl projects to solve complex problem through simple solutions! 

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