• How to prevent grumbling guests | Marathon Key, FL

    Imagine being on a beautiful vacation getaway and staying in a grand hotel only to hear people stomping around like elephants above you. That is exactly the scenario that this hotel avoided. 

    At hotels, common complaints are often about hearing neighbors. The owner of the hotel wanted to find a system to minimize noise and improve the sound ratings between units.

    Connor & Gaskins Unlimited LLC (CGU), the general contractors on this hotel project, worked through the closures due to COVID-19 and the challenges of working in the Florida Keys to accomplish their goals to get approval for the project. These approvals included an expansion of 27 new suites with an existing property with 135 hotel rooms. 



    The hotel renovations were completed, ahead of schedule despite the challenges. CGU over saw the installation Keene’s Cylent Assurance Clip for the project. They loved the ease of installation. “This system is a clean system and is very straight forward.” The Cylent Assurance Clip performed and met the expectations of all involved.  Providing, a better product for the owner and guest. One of the designers stayed in the hotel overnight, and he stated that the reduction of noise was significant. 

    Cylent Assurance Clip is specifically engineered to work with any type of resilient channel. It has been engineered to significantly reduce low frequency noise transfer in ceiling/wall assemblies used in modern multi-family construction.

    The implementation of the Cylent Assurance Clips protects against short circuits caused by gypsum board installation errors. They also provide significant increases the IIC and STC ratings of the floor/ceiling and wall assemblies. 

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