• Condos on the Coast

    This was the reality for the residents of these coastline condos. The condos were built in 2018, in Newport Beach, CA. Although these units are just over two years old, they ran into a common and often overlooked problem: exterior veneer tear off (stucco and veneer siding) with 10-15 entryways of water. They discovered the community of 80 units were all effected.

    Homeowners of this dream-like property were relocated out of their residence to nearby hotels while their units were being restored to ownership expectations.

    To solve these issues, the engineers and contractors tested and approved the application of Keene’s DriwallTM Rainscreen drainage mat.

    The implementation of drainage mats provides an increase in ventilation, drainage, and protection of associated building materials that creates a high-performance exterior wall assembly.


    Projects such as above, occur more often than broadcast regardless of how old or new a building, moisture intrusion can happen.

    Contact Keene to solve your moisture intrusion issues. 

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