• Carlyle Oaks

    Carlyle Oaks

    Hillsboro, OR

    Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1

    Its seven unique neighborhoods provide an enticing variety of European-style architecture, with all of the amenities that Hillsboro and its surrounding areas have to offer.

    These single-family luxury town homes are conveniently situated near an array of grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters, bars, banks, and retail/shopping locations. Its location near major highways and public transit stops makes trips into Portland a piece of cake, and travel to farther locations is also accessible from the neighboring Portland Hillsboro Airport.

    A unique quality of Carlyle Homes’ location is the abundance of green space and nearby parks in the area; many of these homes, like Carlyle Creek and Carlyle Gardens, even back up to a nature reserve. Carlyle Gardens is also conveniently located near the T.V. Highway for access to entertainment like the Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club.

    The interiors of Carlyle Homes are adorned with oak flooring, detailed vaulted ceilings, stainless steel appliances, custom wood cabinetry and more. Homes are distinctive in that they are furnished with media centers, built-in shelving, and furniture niches. On the outside, town homes display professionally landscaped lawns.

    Moisture Protection Solution: Driwall Rainscreen 020-1

    Carlyle Homes utilize high-efficiency vinyl siding and stone veneer. Underneath this exterior, the builders utilized Keene Building Products’ Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1 drainage mat product to shield against problems caused by moisture and ventilation issues.

    The product is a geometrically patterned polymer matrix and fabric that is designed to create airspace between the exterior veneer and inner sheathing. This space creates airflow and ventilation, while providing a cavity through which water can properly drain. This helps to prevent problems in exterior applications that are caused by trapped moisture and water penetration, such as mold, efflorescence and cracking in exterior applications.

    In the wet and rainy winter weather of Hillsboro’s climate, a drainage/ventilation system is especially necessary to prevent the deterioration of home exteriors. The continuous freezing and thawing of winter rain can easily crack and damage masonry and other exterior applications.

    Because the builders ultimate goal is “building dreams that last a lifetime,” it was crucial that they integrate a drainage and ventilation system to ensure that these homes really would live up to the slogan. Their decision to use Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1 in the construction of Carlyle home exteriors supports its claim that they do, in fact, strive for quality in their homes.

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