• Don't Short Circuit your Sound Control

    One of the biggest and recurring mistakes made in the sound control arena is the short circuiting of resilient channels in the ceiling.  It is easy to do, use of too long a screw, or not taking appropriate care on the drywall ceiling installation can lead to a sound control issue that can easily be avoided.

    What is the best solution?

    One of the best solutions is education.  Teaching drywall installers to use the proper length of screw for the ceiling attachment.  As we know however, crews change early and often, so the next best solution(s) are provided by Keene Building Products.  Keene produces two different “Assurance” products to eliminate the short circuit issue. 

    What is RC AssuranceTM?

    RC Assurance™ is a steel clip designed to aid in the installation of resilient channels. The product acts as an impenetrable barrier between the channel and joist.  The snap-on clip works with any resilient channel, but is specifically designed for use with RC Deluxe from Dietrich.  Tested with both wall and ceiling assemblies, RC Assurance™ approved in all relevant UL L500 series floor ceiling assemblies, with every joist type: metal, open-web, “I” joist design, and nominal 2” lumber.  While the RC Assurance™ clip does not add to your sound performance, it does ensure that you will meet the expected values you specified.



    Another Keene Solution: Cylent Assurance Clip

    Keene’s other solution is the Cylent Assurance Clip.  The Cylent Assurance™ Clip is a patented, resilient channel vibration isolation clip. It has been engineered to significantly reduce low frequency noise transfer in ceiling/wall assemblies used in modern multi-family construction. Cylent Assurance™ Clip is designed to work with any RC-1 type channel, and is so effective that the sound performance is not based upon any of the name brand RC-1 type channels.  Unlike the RC Assurance™, the Cylent Assurance™ Clip dramatically enhances the sound performance of low frequency impact noise by 6 to 8 IIC points, while also eliminating the potential for short circuiting.



    So for your next project, ensure you will achieve the sound performance you specify by using one of Keene's Assurance products!