• Project Profile Using Quiet Qurl® 60/40 MC MT

    Project Profile:


    Chandler, AZ

    Quiet Qurl® 60/40 MC MT


    Chandler, AZ, a suburb outside of Phoenix is attracting more and more people each year. Families moving from the east to escape the cold winters, or locals looking to move away from the city and into the suburbs. The appeal of Chandler is very prominent.

    In describing the ideal apartment, most renters agree that having a quiet environment in their home is at the top of their list. That isn't always easy to come by in multi-family buildings though. Whether you have the guy upstairs stomping around in the middle of the night, or music blasting through the walls, the noise can get old very fast.

    There has been a high demand for better floor/ceiling acoustics in multi-family construction in recent years, which is why the noise control market is booming. 

    This was an easy decision for the developer. Keene Building Products' Quiet Qurl® 60/40 MC MT was chosen to solve the problem. 

    Vibrations travel through connections. By limiting direct connections (such as between the finished floor and the joist assembly) we can effectively disrupt the path for noise to pass through our floors and walls. Quiet Qurl is the perfect solution to this troublesome issue.

    Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT is a noise control insulation mat designed to limit impact noise between floors. Quiet Qurl 60/040 series of products are slightly thicker than your traditional 1/4" entangled net sound mats for added performance. The thicker spacing provided between the finish floor and the joist assembly add several points in IIC (impact noise transfer such as footfall) with minimal difference to the total height of the assembly.

    When equipped with our powerful MT technology this performance is enhanced even further. MT stands for Muffling Technology which results in added performance for the overall floor/ceiling assembly. It achieves this by attacking the low frequency variety of sound (example: stomping sounds) by the addition of a high loft polyester fabric to the bottom. Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT is typically the highest performing option of its class that is being used in these multifamily applications.

    With the extra thickness of the Quiet Qurl mat as well as the added muffling technology fabric installed in the floor/ceiling assembly, thisapartment complex is guaranteed to satisfy the needs of all future residents.

    Sounds good doesn't it?