• “The world's biggest and most dynamic economy derives its strength and resilience from its geographic diversity. Economically, at least, America is not a single country. It is a collection of seven nations and three quasi-independent city-states, each with its own tastes, proclivities, resources and problems. These nations compete with one another--the Great Lakes loses factories to the Southeast, and talent flees the brutal winters and high taxes of the city-state New York for gentler climes--but, more important, they develop synergies, albeit unintentionally. Wealth generated in the humid South or icy northern plains benefits the rest of the country; energy flows from the Dakotas and the Third Coast of Texas and Louisiana; and even as people leave the Northeast, the brightest American children continue to migrate to this great education mecca, as well as those of other nations…”


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    A Map of America's Future: Where Growth Will Be Over the Next Decade

    Yahoo Finance, Forbes

    By: Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill

    September 9, 2013


    Link to read more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/map-americas-future-where-growth-105600411.html