• Need that extra something to put your floor and ceiling assembly above noise code requirements? Keene Building Product’s line of moisture control sound mats provides just the extra noise absorption that you’re looking for to meet or exceed codes and reduce noise complaints from tenants in multi-family living arrangements.

    Quiet Qurl® products are produced from a polypropylene matrix of tangled monofilaments, which creates an airspace in the assembly when installed underneath a concrete underlayment. This space limits the physical contact between assembly components, effectively reducing transmission of impact noise throughout the system. The mat also forms the “spring” in a mass-spring-mass design to absorb and dampen these noise vibrations, producing a significant overall noise reduction.

    All Quiet Qurl® moisture control noise products include a non-woven fabric that prevents liquid moisture from leaking through to the substrate, which is an essential function in wood frame construction. Though the moisture control fabric prevents liquid moisture penetration, it allows moisture vapor to pass through and evaporate from the bottom side of the topping pour. This prevents trapped moisture, which can cause deterioration and other problems in the system.

    Quiet Qurl® noise isolation mats come in three different thicknesses to correspond with your underlayment thickness needs. Quiet Qurl® 55/025 MC (.25-inch mat) has a “U”-groove design for flat installation in wood frame and concrete structures. It is a cost-effective choice for controlling high and low frequency noise. Quiet Qurl® 60/040 MC (.40-inch mat) has a random pattern for added resilience and greater noise vibration control. It is a “high-end” solution for an affordable price, for use in premium housing projects. Quiet Qurl® 65/075 (.75-inch mat) also has a random pattern for added performance, and is perfect for retrofit applications in wood beam construction in which floor height is not an issue. This product can add approximately 35 IIC points to a system.

    All three products are Class A fire-rated, UL-listed and Robinson Wheel-tested. They were designed to help create quality, code-compliant systems with thin profiles for cost-effective noise reduction. Choose a Quiet Qurl® moisture control noise product for the perfect addition to any multi-family construction project.

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