• KEENE has been working diligently to develop a sound system that works for Corrugated Steel Deck systems.  These non-combustible construction systems are becoming very popular, especially in government work.  Recently, KEENE asked for a UL approval on a system incorporating QUIET QURL 55/025 MC MT as a base sound control product with a minimum 1.25” of gypsum concrete on UL G553.  The system was approved with very minor changes to the standard application.

    Sound performance and cost changed substantially.  Instead of a dual pour of gypsum concrete, the system fills the flutes with a highly compressible non-flammable fabric made from polyester.  This high loft fabric is a great sound inhibitor and insulator.  Where standard systems with the dual gypsum pour were difficult to achieve a passing IIC rating, the new system from KEENE now puts performance in the high 50’s consistently and with all finishes.  Test results showed ceramic tile as an IIC 56 and bare gypsum as an IIC 53 on a resilient channel ceiling assembly (no additional topically added mat under the ceramic tile).

    Sounds good doesn’t it?

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