• Underlayment Technology MT & RF | What is the Difference?

    Vibrations travel through connections. By limiting direct connections (such as between the finished floor and the framing assembly) we can effectively disrupt the path for noise to pass through our floors and walls. Quiet Qurl® is the perfect solution to this troublesome issue. Keene Building Products is raising the bar with Quiet Qurl’s product line by offering solutions in different thicknesses and with enhanced fabric options for your performance needs. All products are designed for use with underlayments such as gypsum concrete and lightweight concrete.

    What is Muffling Technology?

    Muffling Technology or “MT” uses a high loft fabric that weighs very little and is easily compressible with little pressure. When loaded with an underlayment such as gypsum concrete in a sound control application, the sound performance is dramatically enhanced.




    What are some features of Muffling Technology? 

    Quiet Qurl® MT Fabric

    • MT fabric imbeds itself into the entangled net when compressed

    • Helps reduce pressure wave buildup from impact sound

    • Enhances IIC rating of Quiet Qurl by 3 to 5 points




    What are some features of Reinforced Fabric? 


    Quiet Qurl® RF Fabric

    • Available on all versions of the standard Quiet Qurl® product.

    • Designed for use when the gypsum concrete pour is not to standard thickness (or when additional reinforcement is needed).

    • Matches a reinforced fabric and scrim, which are bonded together, in combination with the standard “entangled net” core material.

    • A reinforced fabric is laminated to the surface of an open mesh reinforcing scrim to enhance bonding of the gypsum or lightweight concrete.


    For testing information check out our sound and UL Guide: http://www.keenebuilding.com/KeeneBuilding/media/KeeneBuilding/Resources/Sound-and-UL-Guide.pdf