• Quiet Qurl® 60/040 products provide extra thickness and resilience needed for high performance. These products perform 2 to 4 points better than quarter inch systems. Quiet Qurl® 60/040 achieves this improvement with only a 1/8” increase in mat thickness. Compared to rubber pads twice its thickness, Quiet Qurl® 60/040 has outperformed the competition time after time.

    Fabric options include: blue moisture control, fiberglass, and/or muffling technology.    


    • Multi-family construction: apartments and condominiums
    • Radiant-heated flooring when pumped with lightweight concrete or gypsum
    • With hard surfaces: concrete, stone, tile, vinyl and hardwood
    • With topping layers, such as gypsum concretes, lightweight concrete, mortar beds, and plywood
    • With many types of subfloors (with or without ceiling assemblies, many types of wood structural joists and ceilings), and still achieves an IIC of 50 or greater
    • Helps to achieve an STC level of 50 or greater with many types of subfloors

    Features and Benefits

    • Allows for minimum profile of 1.4” (3.6 cm) and still passes a Robinson Wheel Test (1.0” of Gypsum Concrete)
    • Random oriented monofilament design for added resilience and greater vibration noise control
    • Allows developers to achieve “high-end” solution for premium projects with greater flexibility in finished surface choices    
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