• “Cinemas have long served as destination tenants in mixed-use real estate developments. Considering the financial aspects of such decisions, it doesn’t seem a stretch that a cinema brings a defined and predictable number of people into a development with money in their pockets when they exit their cars. Diverse competition for that money within walking range of the development is in the best interests of all the involved tenants. One aspect of these developments that has been under-examined over the years is within the realm of acoustics. Sound isolation, impact isolation, vibration transmission and noise control are all acoustical issues that ought to be considered in the earliest planning stages. Acoustics play a huge part in the success of these developments. Sound effects from video previews of upcoming or featured movies played in the cinema lobby can attract potential patrons. Background music from a restaurant or the familiar noise of an espresso machine can awaken specific desires familiar with these sounds. But it can also be the element that shackles the development with tenant instability due to disputes over responsibility for controlling sound and impact transmission between adjacent tenants…”

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    Won’t you be my neighbor? Acoustics play a big rolle in mixed-use developments

    Film Journal

    Brian Kubicki, Acoustical Design Group, Inc.

    August 18, 2011


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