• Fundamental Physics:

    • Mass transmits vibration energy to spring
    • Spring converts vibration energy into heat
    • Heat is released into the system
    • Mass on post-spring side receives reduced vibration energy

    Noise Control System:

    Mass: Floor
    Spring: Recycled Rubber
    Mass: Gypsum Concrete

    Mass: Gypsum Concrete
    Spring: Entangled Net
    Mass: Joist

    Mass: Joist
    Spring: Resilient Channel
    Mass: Gypsum Board

    Noise Control System:

    • Effects of each component
    • Recycled rubber mat works from 1000 Hz & up, reducing high frequency noise
    • Entangled net and gypsum concrete work from 400 Hz & up, reducing mid-range noise
    • Resilient channels work from 1000 Hz & below, reducing low frequency noise

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