• I visited a jobsite a couple weeks ago. The project had some noise problems. The bedroom on the second floor was noisy. Turns out, the kitchen on the third floor was right over it and the kitchen in the unit behind the bedroom was directly behind the headboard of the owners bed. The poor occupant was listening to footsteps every night and cupboard doors closing all day.

    There is a process in noise control that is as important as selecting the right products. That process involves evaluation of expectations, design to the expectations; installation to design and testing for compliance. Any step missed can create a significant problem in the end. In this case, finished units had a ceiling and a wall removed to solve the problem. Costing $25,000 to the developer. The error was made when the project started and would have been an issue no matter who moved into the building.

    KEENE believes in following the process to assure quality and we strive to present to architects the proper products and to establish a base point of where the materials will function to match performance with expectations. Better matching and a good system helps as much as any material selection.

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