• New Profile on Apartments in Jacksonville, FL

    Project Profile:


    Jacksonville, FL

    Quiet Qurl® 52/013 MC

    GSL® K2.6

    Driwall PCD 10/025


    Florida is viewed as a popular vacation destination because of the warm weather,sandy beaches, & relaxing atmosphere. Although it is a great place to visit, there are countless people who choose Florida as their home, which means they can get warm weather & relaxation all year round. Who wouldn’t want that?

    When looking for a home, there are many aspects & amenities that people look for in order to make a decision. An apartment complex in Jacksonville, FL, which was completed in 2016, is a great example of the ideal home.

    One amenity that is often desired in an apartment is a quiet living space. To ensure proper noise reduction throughout the entire complex, it was decided that Keene Building Products’ Quiet Qurl® 52/013 MC would be installed.

    Quiet Qurl® 52/013 MC is a sound control mat designed to limit impact noise between floors. This resilient mat absorbs noise when sandwiched in a mass-spring-mass building design. Quiet Qurl® 52/013 MC is the first entangled net product to be used in a system with less than an inch of total thickness. It is engineered for a minimum thickness of 0.75” gypsum concrete pour & is a Class A fire-rated product.

    After applying the Quiet Qurl® 52/013, Gypsum Concrete must be poured over top of it so that the final floor covering can be installed. This is where Keene’s sister company, Dependable, LLC’s GSL® K2.6 was poured. GSL® K2.6 (Gypsum Self Leveler) is a semi self-leveling underlayment designed to provide code compliance in wood & concrete UL fire rated assemblies. It is listed on numerous UL designs & has been shown in laboratory testing to provide compliance with IBC standards in impact noise (IIC, ASTM E492) & airborne noise (STC, ASTM E90). Overall it is a great fit with the Quiet Qurl® 52/013 MC.

    Another aspect of apartments that people are drawn to are balconies, especially in Florida. Sitting out on the balcony enjoying the sunshine & warm weather is extremely common. In order to do so, it is imperative that the balcony is protected from moisture. Commonly in the Southeast, waterproofing membrane is installed with concrete. For this particular project they wanted to create an airspace between the membrane and the concrete to take extra measures in preventing hydrostatic pressure and incidental moisture. Keene Building Products’ Driwall™ Prefabricated Composite Drain (PCD) 10/025 were chosen to do the job.

    Driwall™ PCD products are drainage mats designed to eliminate hydrostatic pressure from behind foundation walls, retaining walls, planters, plaza decks, and balconies. A filter fabric is heat-laminated to one side of the mat to hold soil or concrete away from the wall & keep the drainage plane clear. With the Driwall™ PCD product installed, the balcony will be able to properly drain any excess water, making it safe & dry for proper use.

    Although this apartment boasts with many great amenities, anyone who is looking for a noise free environment with a beautiful balcony will be very satisfied with calling this apartment home.

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