• I know deep down that more can be done every day and it motivates me.


    Competition always tries to get under your skin. At KEENE we are told many things about where we are deficient. It made me think about what KEENE and our group that have joined since 2002 have accomplished. I truly care about giving back and I would never want people to think that I took more than I gave. We started in noise control in 1996 in my case and in 2002 for the rest of us. We offered an entangled net product to a broader part of the market that didn’t have access. We have been aggressive in development. So below, I took some time to write out our accomplishments.


    First US Company to make an Entangled Net.


    Our technology originated in Europe and as the first competitor in the industry we lowered the market cost of materials and gained the attention of the multi-family market. The quantity of material went from a couple truckloads a year to that amount per day in 2014. We were the first US based company to do this.


    We took the money we made in our first year and built a manufacturing facility in Cleveland Ohio to produce QUIET QURL. We knew one production line wasn’t enough and to provide our customers with confidence we built a second manufacturing line immediately afterward. Customers were pleased with us and we took the initiative to start aggressively testing every assembly we might see in the field and invested heavily so architects could rely on us for system performance and code compliance. Most of us could retire on the cost of the testing for the large variety of assemblies the industry uses from coast to coast. With that success we began an aggressive campaign in research and from our unique perspective as a manufacturer and marketer we saw the need for some product enhancements.


    In 2004 we introduced MC, MOISTURE CONTROL fabrics and helped solve problems with moisture in underlayment. In 2008 we invented the first performance improvement to the entangled net product line and introduced “MUFFLING TECHNOLOGY.” The acoustical community has embraced the idea that the small space we create can now be baffled for an increase in IIC performance of about four points and sometimes even more.


    We tested the heck out of this new improvement.


    We haven’t sat on our laurels. This year we are bringing out a new FAST TRACK, FT enhancement to QUIET QURL. Fast track has been tested in our lab to show a nice improvement in getting water out of gypsum underlayment and to shorten the time a finish can be installed. This new FT fabric is available on all QUIET QURL products.

    I’ll be the first to admit I can do more. We are a marketing manufacturer. We will sell directly to the contractor and we are the only North American company to offer this channel price advantage. There will be no middle man or distributor. Using this, KEENE will show the multi-family industry a new approach. The contractors that work with KEENE have been offered aggressive pricing on all of our materials to enhance the performance of their floor ceiling assembly. In 2014 developers can afford higher performing materials. We’ll show you how. Typically we have trained contractors in every market so ask for QUIET QURL to see if there is anything we are doing to allow for better products in YOUR PROJECT.


    Sounds good doesn’t it?