• Fairways at Corbin Park (Overland Park, KS)

    Quiet Qurl 52/013 RF

    With Overland Park rated as Money Magazine’s #7 best city to live in the United States, the upscale Kansas City suburb is a perfect location for new residents to find convenience and high-end living. The Fairways at Corbin Park is one of Overland Park’s most luxurious apartment communities, with an impressive array of living options and amenities. Its location allows residents convenient access to major highways, while a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment is located just five minutes away.

    The Fairways at Corbin Park boasts an elegant clubhouse that hosts several unexpected luxuries, including a gourmet kitchen, fireside lounge, resort-style pool and spa, 24-hour fitness center, concierge services, business center, cyber café and multi-sport athletics court. The apartments also offer covered parking and attached and detached garages. Residents can relax in the stylish and homey interiors of their new homes, which include wood floors, 10-foot ceilings, golf course views, French-style doors and arched doorways.


    With the opportunity for such an active lifestyle at the Fairways at Corbin Park, it is essential that residents have the peace and quiet they need to enjoy some down time. In order to ensure this peaceful home environment, the builders of the Fairways at Corbin Park installed Keene Building Products’ Quiet Qurl® 52/013 RF, an ultra-thin sound control mat made from tangled polymer monofilaments and reinforced fiberglass fabric.

    The product’s extruded polymer matrix is made up of 95 percent air, creating a space within a ceiling/floor assembly that allows impact noise vibrations to be absorbed. The airspace therefore limits contact of assembly components – the main culprit of unwanted sound transfer – to just 5 percent. This entangled net forms the “spring” in a mass-spring-mass application that isolates impact vibrations and keeps noise from traveling between floors.

    Quiet Qurl® 52/013 RF’s ultra-thin profile allows it to be used in extremely thin assemblies. It is the first entangled net product to be used in a floor system of less than an inch in total thickness, making it perfect for thin-pour gypsum applications. Meanwhile, the reinforced fiberglass scrim and fabric attached to this entangled net provide up to 20 percent of added tensile strength.

    Quiet Qurl® 52/013 RF has been shown to provide code-compliant IIC ratings similar to those of sound products twice its thickness. It is a necessary element in a thin-pour gypsum application. But more importantly, the product serves an essential role in a multi-family environment like the Fairways at Corbin Park, where community is encouraged, but privacy is also highly valued.

    Sounds good, doesn’t it?


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