• “In the underlayment universe, marketing departments sometimes deal in excess. If performance specifications seem too good to believe and/or warranties are limited, look more closely at the products to make sure they really do cut the mustard.

    In evaluating underlayment, acoustical consultants commonly rely on tests to define how well a floor/ceiling assembly insulates against noise created by impact and airborne vibration.

    IIC is a popular impact sound insulation test for floor-to-ceiling assemblies. An IIC rating generally ranges between a low of 20 to a high of 80. The International Building Code’s minimum standards for multi- family dwellings is 50 for new construction, or 45 if field tested in an actual building after the floor installation is complete. Most high rise and condominium associations also require a minimum of 50.”


    Warranties, performance claims: Read past headlines

    By: Lloyd Rogers

    Floor Covering News

    Link: http://www.fcnews.net/2010/07/warranties-performance-claims-read-past-headlines/

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