• The latest trend in sound control and in underlayment is in two directions – thin and code compliant and high performance in the thinnest application. That has always meant products a quarter inch thick in wood frame applications where the typical installation includes a thick gypsum concrete underlayment for fire purposes. In this case, the economics are driving systems to the thinnest possible configuration. Today for code compliance underlayment and sound mat systems were typically 1.25”. The new systems move the total thickness to below an inch. With today’s products the system is a 3mm sound mat made from entangled net to limit touching and air pressure and a 0.75” underlayment. Thin and still win.

    Once again, thin is important in a high performance system so the new systems in sound control and underlayment incorporate a 0.25” composite mat and a 1.0” gypsum underlayment. The high performance system in this case performs at the same level as the “luxury” systems that were 2.25” in total. High performance in the standard 1.25” overall dimension.

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