• "Focus on ergonomics, code compliance, acoustics, and energy efficiency. Areas such as these will help ensure a well-built community. Make sure your building drains efficiently, that your neighbors won’t hear every footstep, and that you don’t leave a vast carbon footprint. If you can get green certified, even better.

    Why should developers put so much thought into construction? Well, because it matters not only to your future residents but to your investors, as well. Think of it like buying a house: Just as the home buyers want to know that everything works before they move in, investors are expecting your company to deliver a community that’s attractive, of the highest quality, and market friendly.

    These are your prospective buyers. Don’t alienate them with a shoddy product. Take the time to make sure your community is well built."


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    Quality Construction Will Separate You From the Pack

    Multifamily Executive Magazine

    By: Chip Bay

    May 2017